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It's a Wonderful (One Man Show) Life! Returns to NYC for 3 Performances Dec. 15 - 18, 2016!


A solo performance by Jason S. Grossman
Directed/Adapted for the stage by Sharon Fogarty

Stage Manager, Jorge Olivo
Production Manager, Amber Gallery
Graphic Designer, Nick Dransfield

The Bridge Theatre at  Shetler Studios
244 West 54th Street, 12th Fl., NYC
Dec. 15, 2016 at 8:30 p.m.
Dec. 17, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
Dec. 18, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.


Comic actor/impressionist Jason Grossman performs a live solo adaptation of Frank Capra's classic film, Its a Wonderful Life. A minimal set and atmospheric lighting allow Grossman to create every scene in Bedford Falls, morphing through everyone from Annie to Zuzu. Highly recommended for IAWL fanatics, George Bailey's hardships (compromised dreams of youth, financial ruin and suicide) are explored intimately in this close-up rendition, as is the conclusion when Bailey discovers triumphantly the value of his life and his beloved community support. The endearing angel, Clarence, who Grossman portrays impeccably, illuminates these fast-paced scenes based on Capras original camera angles.

Recommended for all ages, and excellent holiday fare, It's a Wonderful (One Man Show) Life is a lively, accurate yet inventive interpretation of the tale based on The Greatest Gift, an original short story first written on a Christmas card by Philip Van Doren Stern. Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and Frank Capra then wrote the screenplay, with additional scenes by Jo Swerling. Uncredited for their work on the script were Dorothy Parker, Dalton Trumbo, and Clifford Odets.

It's a Wonderful (One Man Show) Life! premiered in December 2000 in NYC and was acclaimed by IAWL aficionados as well as those unacquainted with the film, especially children.

St. Marks Theatre, New York City - 2000 
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City - 2001
Freehold's East Hall Theatre, Seattle, WA - 2001
Actors Playground Theatre, New York City - 2002
Langham Court Theatre, Victoria, British Columbia - 2002
Seattle Center House Theatre, Seattle, WA - 2002*
Baruch College Performing Arts Center - 2003
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City - 2005
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City - 2006
Planned Giving Counsel Conference, Philadelphia, PA - 2009
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City - 2009
Williamstown, MA - 2010
Bridge Theatre, New York City - 2014

All Roles Performed by
Jason S. Grossman
Directed and Adapted for stage by Sharon Fogarty
(Seattle) Produced by Theodora Fogarty & Andrew Curry
(Seattle) Lighting Design by Meg Fox



An adaptation of film
"It's A Wonderful Life"
by Frank Capra, Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and Jo Swerling, based on "The Greatest Gift" by Philip van
Doren Stern.


Cast: In order of occurrence:

Mr. Gower, the druggist
Mr. Martini
Mrs. Bailey
Bert, the cop
Ernie, the cab driver
Mary Hatch/Bailey
Janie Bailey
Zuzu Bailey
Franklin, Angel
Joseph, Angel
Clarence, Angel, second class
Young George Bailey
Young Violet Bick
Young Mary Bailey
George Bailey
Henry F. Potter
Violet Bick
Uncle Billy
Nick, the bartender
Harry Bailey


"RECOMMENDED - A guaranteed laugh riot.  While Grossman plays it straight in this heartwarming solo rendition of the Capra classic, single-handedly bringing all of Bedford Falls' residents to life, he mines plenty of human comedy from the timeless tale." Joe Grossman, TIME OUT NY

"Check out this solo version of Frank Capra's holiday classic." VILLAGE VOICE

"It's a Wonderful Life devotees will be charmed by its mix of kitsch, nostalgia, novelty, and heart. … Grossman succeeds in one of the greatest challenges in a one-man show—creating dramatic tension and energy with yourself… Grossman is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working actors in New York right now…  That this pared-down show can create such resonance is a testament not only to Capra but also to the talented director and performer who bring his story to new life."  Amy Krivohlavek, OFFOFFONLINE

"It’s no mean feat to shift from angel to suicidal sad sack to wide-eyed child as energetically and convincingly as Grossman does…  It’s A Wonderful (One Man Show) Life will probably warm your heart."  Mallory Jensen, THE GOTHAMIST

"Jason Grossman's delightful solo version of the beloved Frank Capra holiday film.  This is a sweet-natured and very winning holiday entertainment.  Grossman is enormously skillful and as earnest as the film…  Those who love [the film] will enjoy themselves enormously at this show." Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM

"Not every actor could so meticulously recreate the 24 lead characters from Frank Capra's classic with as much reverence and love.  Grossman transports the rest of us to Bedford Falls and back again in just under an hour--passionately reproducing the wonder of it all, Jimmy Stewart included.  This one-man show is a perfect warm up to the Christmas season." Julia Lyon, NEWYORK.CITYSEARCH.COM

“RECOMMENDED - It's performance art meets the Ghost of Christmas past!  Frank Capra's classic becomes a solo spectacle.”  Robert Kent, DIGITAL CITY.COM

"It's a Wonderful Life fans take note… Perfect holiday fodder."  NEW YORK PRESS "HIGHLIGHTS"

"Imaginative.  Very funny.”  Karolyn Grimes (actress from original film), ZUZU NEWS

"We saw this charming show last year, and like the movie, could see it again and again. This solo performance by Jason Grossman is one of the season's most delightful."  Lydia Arnold, ARTSAVANT.COM

"The thing most striking about Jason's performance was not only the nicely done impressions, but the way he manages to imitate the emotion involved — with truth and conviction.  The characters were well executed and the pacing and timing were terrific...  This show does an excellent job doing precisely what it is supposed to do — it lifts your spirits....  Here is a show that Jason Grossman can put on every year for many, many years to come…  Go see Mr. Grossman do all the characters in this wonderful one-man show."  Joseph Langham, OFFOFFOFF.COM

“Comic meets Capra.”  Jon Warech, DAILY NEWS

"Mr. Grossman brings an amazing energy and love as he unleashes an array of characters and accents for the adaptation of this Christmas Classic.  There is a controlled intensity that gives you the unique sensation that you are watching a man who undeniably enjoys his work.  Not only does he enjoy his work, but his performance is outstanding."  Wayne Parillo, ITSRANDOM.COM

“An Actor Gets His Wings…  Come see a new vision of an old holiday favorite.”  DOWNTOWN EXPRESS

"Not only did I really hear the words of this delightful little morality tale for the first time, Grossman's performance made me want to see the movie again...  Adding a little flourish to every character, the very talented Jason Grossman was able to make the characters of Bedford Falls come alive...  I left the theater feeling a lot happier about Christmas..."  Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid, SEATTLE GAY NEWS

"Grossman delivered his final performance of the season with the same energy and fervor as if it were the first.  As the solo actor, Grossman played all of the characters of the renowned holiday favorite and thanks to his amazing impersonation abilities, each character's unique personality, body language, and voice was recreated so well that the audience left feeling like they had actually shared a room with each of the memorable characters who have engaged and warmed heart's of "It's A Wonderful Life" lovers year after year."  BARUCH COLLEGE

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Special Thanks to ...

Karolyn Grimes (the original Zuzu Bailey) and Jimmy Hawkins (the original Tommy Bailey) for their assistance and inspiration. To the original creators of It's a Wonderful Life including Jimmy Stewart. Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers, Frank Capra and dozens of others, including: Lydia Arnold and, Denise Becker, Thaddeus P. Bejnar, Drew Bellware, Jon Berger, Jorge Bernardo, John Betts, Jef Betz, Robert Blatt, Monica Blaze Leavitt, Daryl Boling, Gus Braden, Marty Bufalini, Chris Carbone and NY Press, Andrian Chamberlain and Times-Colonist, Carole Chervin, Esq., Karen Christie Ward, Leanna Conley, M. Andrew Curry, Cherie Davis, Martin Denton and, Clay Eals (Author of "Every Time A Bell Rings: The Wonderful Life of Karolyn Grimes"), Isabelle Coles-Dunbar, Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid and Seattle Gay News, Kenny Davidsen, Downtown Express, Andrew Frank and Manhattan Theatre Source, Nick Fogarty, Matthew Fortnow, Esq., Amber Gallery, Michael R. Graif, Esq., Beverly Grossman, Charles L. Grossman, George Grossman, Tracy Grossman, Annette Guarassi, Joe Grossman and Time Out New York, John Hartmann, Jason Hefter, Tony Hinde, Tony Hightower, Mina Hochberg and Digital City, Peter K. Ingerman, It', Esq., Fiona Jones, Denyse John-Joseph, James Kass and, Paula Katz, Esq., Sanjay Kaul, Fran Kirmser, Joseph Langham, Rachel Lee, Esq., Karen Lopez ("It's a Wonderful Life" Discussion Board), Julia Lyon and, Lenny Marcus, John Mencl, Esq. (President, The Zuzu Society), Ed McNamee, Jerry Mouwad and Carol Triffle (Imago Theater Company), Robert and Debra Merrell, Joan Miller, Ph. D. (Wesleyan University Cinema Archives), Janet Munsil and the Intrepid Theatre Company, Roy Nemerson, Michelle Newman, Kelly Nichols, Sophia Noyer, Wayne Parillo, Ingrid Paulsen and Victoria News, Kristin Rayburg, Steve Rosenblatt, Esq., Timothy Joseph Ryan, Naomi Saunders, Felicia Scarangello, Marci Sillman,, Smarttix, Jimmy Stewart, Nicole E. Soffin, Esq., Joshua Tanzer, Theatre Development Fund, Bradley True, Jon Warech and the New York Daily News, Sam Williams (Author of "Opposing Copyright - Should Auld Copyrights Be Forgot"), Erez Ziv (Horse Trade Theater Group), .