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The Guy of 2Z

The Guy of 2Z
by Jason S. Grossman and Matt Fortnow

Genre:  Comedy


Logline:  Winning ticket holder of the largest lottery jackpot in history races against time to find a double-parker.




Natalie, a young, disillusioned New York City public school teacher wins the lottery with the largest jackpot in history, but she can't find her winning ticket.  Exactly one year later, the lottery ticket turns up.  She now has only three hours to get to the lottery office in Newark, NJ before midnight to claim her winnings.  If she doesn't make it in time, her winning ticket will become null and void.


It's normally just a 20 minute drive from NYC to Newark, but Natalie’s car is blocked in by a double-parked van.  To make matters much worse, NYC is in the midst of a crippling taxi and transit strike: no subways, no busses, no trains, no cabs, no nothing.  She calls everyone she knows, tow trucks, rental cars, and even tries hitchhiking, all to no avail.  The only thing left for her to do is look for the double-parker by going door-to-door in the enormous apartment building in front of where the car is double-parked.


She’s invited into the building by two inept stoners, one a lovelorn slacker and the other an anal-retentive lawyer with a major career choice to make.  They agree to help her evade the building co-op board members who are hyper-militant about door-to-door soliciting of any kind.


The clock is ticking as Natalie and the slacker go door-to-door encountering the various eccentric characters living in the building, who one by one all join her in her quest to find the double-parker, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the wicked co-op president, the police, the Mob and a terrifying super in this nearly imperceptible homage to The Wizard of Oz.



Matt Fortnow


Jason Grossman