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"4 stars…The Ballad of Rodrigo is both compelling and a thinker."  Examiner

"…The Ballad of Rodrigo is a completely effective thriller in the film noir style, which delivers a passel of surprises...The plot spins at rapid-fire pace."  NY Theater Now

"Director Amber Gallery['s] ...assured staging, inspired visual flourishes and deliberate pacing…The cast is so fascinating in their immersive total commitment…there are a myriad of engrossing twists and turns that build to a riveting finale."   Theaterscene

"Classic!...The only crime you’ll commit at this show is not having a damn good time… buy your tickets before it’s too late!"  Thespi-Honest
"The direction and staging of this show was great...This show truly captured all of the elements of a 40s and 50s crime drama, with a refreshing modern twist." Broadway Spotted

Tada Theater
15 West 28th St, 2nd Flr, NYC
May 24 - June 22, 2014

This time, it's no joke.

Doubles Crossed: The Ballad of Rodrigo is a tense, theatrical reimagining of the film noir dramas of the 40s and 50s. Suspicion and secret alliances underscore the gritty story of criminal-turned-G-man Freddie Tower and the past he can’t escape.


Cast: Gregory James Cohan, Lars D. Drew, Matthew J. Nichols*, James Holden, Cindy Keiter*, Alison Parks, Ridley Parson*, Allen Warnock, Charles Wilson

Andrew Morton*, Production Stage Manager; Mark Hankla, Lighting Designer; Izzy Fields, Costume Designer; Aaron Gonzalez, Projection Designer; Jason Bolen, Set Designer; Jacob Subotnick, Sound Designer; Monica Blaze Leavitt, Fight Director; Nick Dransfield, Graphic Designer; Elizabeth Gurdian, Assistant Director; Jane DiBartolo, Assistant Stage Manager; Keith Chandler, Video Director; Susanne Pinedo, Publicist; Lauren Dortch-Crozier, Social Media Coordinator; Howard Katz, Original Song “Stick Figure” for Indiegogo Video (*AEA member)


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