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Seattle Gay News Dec. 2002 article "... This Little Gem Comes Along"
Just when you think youve seen all the Christmas classics, this little gem comes along

Its a Wonderful (One Man Show) Life!

A solo performance by Jason Grossman

Directed by Sharon Fogarty

Theatre 4 at Center House, Seattle Center

December 6-7


by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid

Staff Writer


Being the curmudgeon that Ive become lately in regard to the commercialism of the Christmas season, I have found myself wanting some-thing that will ignite a spark of joy in my soul.  I found that spark last weekend while watching the very talented Jason Grossman do a one man show version of the Frank Capra classic Its a Wonderful Life. And you know something?  Not only did I really hear the words of this delightful little morality tale for the first time, Grossmans performance made me want to see the movie again, even though I thought Id grown tired of it.


Adding a little flourish to every character (particularly the female ones), Grossman was able to make the characters of Bedford Falls come alive in a way the movie version has ceased to do for me.  And somehow, he is even able to make the Jimmy Stewart character of George Bailey more human, while doing a perfect imitation of Stewarts halting, everyman voice.  Also enjoyable were the whimsical additions of audience interactions when Grossmans character, Bailey passes out play money to the audience as part of the show, and candy too.  I left the theater feeling a lot happier about Christmas than I have for weeks, hoping some station would be showing a late night version of Its a Wonderful Life for me to snuggle up to with the appropriate cocoa and cookies.


The show will also be playing in New York (if youre headed in that direction, dont miss this diamond in the rough) the Actors Playground on 412 Eighth Ave., for two weeks, De­cember 12-22. Or, if you have relatives there, tell them to check this show out.  Theyll thank you for it.  For information on tickets in New York, call (212) 206-1515, or go to