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Jason S. Grossman press coverage


It's a Wonderful (O.M.S.) Life! press




"Jason Grossman is terrific as Father Lopez, making the most of a couple of opportunities to steal the show for a few moments, one when he teaches the nuns to dance (in the improbably titled "Cheeks Together..."), and the other when he improvises jazz riffs around an "Alleluia.""  NYTHEATRE.COM (on "WHERE SLEEPING GODS LIE")

"Jason Grossman does a mean Presley impression as Aaron."  Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM (on "PUTNAM")

"Jason Grossman has a standout performance!"  Jonathon Berger, ANTIMATTERS (on "HEAVEN")

"The piece has the easy structure of early musical comedy, with room for topical asides and even specialties (like Freddie's TV riff, which capitalizes on actor Jason Grossman's witty impressions of the likes of Johnny Carson and David Brinkley)."  Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM (on "THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT")

"Jason Grossman brought a strong speaking voice and good imitations to his TV-driven rat."  Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY (on "THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT")

"The Overdevelopment of Scott contained numerous funny moments, particularly the monologs from test subject Freddie (Jason Grossman), who was raised by television and communicates frequently through impressions of TV celebrities."  Charles Battersby, OOBR.COM (on "THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT")


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