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Interview with Sharon Fogarty on

Review of 'Bride of Frankenstein' in

'The Overdevelopment of Scott' review- July 2003

"The White Liars" starring Sharon Fogarty Reviewed July 2004

'Where Sleeping Gods Lie' Review March 2005

'How to See in Dark' Review

'Putnam' review

'The Overdevelopment of Scott' review- Nov. 2002

It's a Wonderful (O.M.S.) Life! press

Funny... Sheesh Game Show press coverage



"Irreverence has seldom been this devout; reverence has seldom been this much fun. I commend "Where Sleeping Gods Lie..." to you heartily: this is off-off-Broadway doing what it does best-taking audiences to places they probably never dreamed of going, with healthy dollops of entertainment and enlightenment along the way... 

"Fogarty, one of downtown theatre's most inventive and, I fear, underappreciated geniuses, pokes gentle but very serious fun at organized religion and religious dogma, American interference abroad, and musical comedy in this pixilated and unabashedly modest little show." - Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM, on Where Sleeping Gods Lie, March 2005.

"Entirely satisfying... sweetly affecting... Fogarty and her energetic cast so clearly mean it. Images linger tastefully, long after the curtain has come down." - Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM, on The Overdevelopment of Scott, November 2002.

"Putnam emerges as a charming fantasia on what we think we know and would like to imagine about these iconic folk. And it's also a very satisfying fairy tale about the importance of faith and the power of love. It's delightfully entertaining." - Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM, on Putnam, June 2002.

"Powerful, haunting, darkly funny, a ritualized birthing, a mythic forcing of the raw life force" - Roy Sorrels, CULTURE VULTURE, on Bride of Frankenstein, September 2001.
"Funny and sad, horrific and humorous, dramatic and damned entertaining, all at once." - Jon Berger, ANTIMATTERS on The Overdevelopment of Scott, February 2001.

"A glorious embodiment of the difficulties that artists have to suffer in trying to cerate their art." - Jon Berger, ANTI-MATTERS, on 'heaven', January 2000.
"Heaven is a life-affirming romp with great appeal for anyone who has pondered the possibilities of non-physical existence...  I found myself in a sold out house of enthusiastic, cheering fans.  Perhaps if we're all very, very good, we'll be given a glipse of Heaven once again. - Bob Ost, APPLAUSE!  APPLAUSE!, on 'heaven', January 2000.

"[Fogarty's] work is fully honest, tragically funny, hysterical in several senses of the word." - Bonnie Butkas, on BACH Remedies, BUFFALO NEWS.

"With more than her share of imagination and daring, Fogarty creates a fully furnished little world in dance and music." - Jennifer Dunning, NEW YORK TIMES on 'Alice, the Later Years.'

"Much more entertaining than the therapist's couch." - Nicole Peradotto, BUFFALO NEWS, on 'BACH Remedies.'

"Comedy and dance too rarely marry; Woody writes it, but Fogarty walks the walk." - VILLAGE VOICE, on 'Swan Lake and other ballet stories rewritten for the modern woman.'

"Fogarty mixes terror and humor with a deft hand." - BACKSTAGE, on 'Bride of Frankenstein: an experiment in intimacy.'
"An original.  Fogarty does not deal with fashionable themes, preferring, it seems, to make theater-dances about mothers and children, friends and lovers.  Beneath that innocent surface lurked an antic sense of humor and a very peculiar way of looking at the world." - Jennifer Dunning, NY TIMES, on 'Making Light.'
"The audience roared with laughter.  Ms. Fogarty is a find!  I am going to go out of my way to catch more of this extremely talented young woman.  You should too!"  - Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens, APPLAUSE!  APPLAUSE! on 'Funny... Variety Fest'