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Sketch Comedy

Started in 1995 on a dare, members of Crispen Tickle, Loos Scrooz, Downtown Vocals and Penny Di Marco converged to create an exciting new theatrical entity.

The objective: To create an enterprising company of actors, comedians and musicians that would provide audiences with humorous, insightful, provocative entertainment at affordable prices.

When that failed, FUNNY... SHEESH was formed as a reason to get out of the apartment. They invited special guests to perform in their shows (and add credibility).

FUNNY... SHEESH Serious Sketch Comedy and Improvisation

The FUNNY SHEESH Sketch Comedy/Improv Troupe was founded by Karen Christie Ward, Penny Di Marco, Sharon Fogarty, Jason Grossman, John Hartmann, Timothy Joseph Ryan and Renée Torrière. The performers have extensive backgrounds in music, dance and theatre and have written for and toured in productions throughout the country.

FUNNY SHEESH has unveiled its skewed perspective at: Carolines, Chicago City Limits, CB's Gallery, Public Theatre, Collective Unconscious, Archway Inn (Bronx), Dannys Skylight Room, Dont Tell Mama, HERE, Naked City Coffeehouse (Cambridge, MA), manhattantheatresource, Stand-Up New York, Surf Reality, The Duplex, Austins (Queens), The Knitting Factory, Plum Crazy (Clifton, NJ), The New York Comedy Club, The Sidewalk Café, Tracy Js, Syncronicity Space, Tribeca Lab, Upstairs at Roses Turn and The West End Gate.

Over the years, FUNNY SHEESH has explored such diverse subject matters as spaghetti westerns, insurance fraud, talk radio, self-censorship, personal ads, the proper use of toothpicks, monster party mixers, forgotten  astronauts, martyrs at home, dating sheep, bad wedding proposals, the sex life of professional wrestlers, dancing police and various methods of suicide on and off stage.


The comedy relays what is funny and necessary reminding us that truth is hysterical, whether it be funny ha-ha or FUNNY SHEESH. Most importantly, no one is afraid to look silly.

"Sharp sketch comedy." TIME OUT NEW YORK

FS Sketch Group; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Funny... Sheesh past projects

Funny... Sheesh Alternative Variety Fests

Artist and Guest Comments

Sam, Tony, Sharon, Leanna, Kenny, Jason, John