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Art of Socializing/Networking course

Breaking the Ice.  Cultivating Relationships . . .
Are you undone by the prospect of meeting new people at parties or business functions?

Are you unsure of how to approach unfamiliar people or what to say when you do?

Are you fairly confident in social situations but would like to hone your networking skills?
In this practical and inspiring course, you'll observe and analyze various social scenarios enacted by professional actors. You'll increase your self-confidence and learn to relax through coaching and fun, interactive exercises. You'll learn how to greatly improve your networking skills, ask the right questions to promote conversations, actively listen and converse, break the ice confidently, leave a positive, lasting impression, effectively build rapport and be confident to initiate productive, friendly social and business relationships.

You'll learn how to:

* Ask the right questions to promote conversations
* Actively listen
* Make others feel more comfortable
* Reduce your shyness and improve networking skills
* Join others already in conversation
* Break the ice confidently
* Leave a positive, lasting impression
* Increase your self-esteem at any social or business function
* Be confident to start meeting, mixing and mingling

"The Art of Socializing & Networking" is taught by Jason Grossman, Television Writer, Comedian and Producer/Artistic Director of the FUNNY SHEESH Alternative Variety Collective. He has been a motivational teacher and director for 9 years. He was most recently the star of the highly acclaimed "It's a Wonderful One-Man-Show Life!" Jason graduated from S.U.N.Y. Albany where he received a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. He then received a J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

'Art of Socializing' Article - RESIDENT May 2003

From Students

"Interesting, lively.  This was really great -- definitely recommended."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"This course was excellent.  I really enjoyed it.  Mr. Grossman was very pleasant and made the class fun.  I learned a great deal that I will put into practice right away."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I improved my listening skills.  The workshop helped me practice maintaining eye contact and reinforcing the importance of paying attention.  I enjoyed the demonstrations."  COOPER UNION

"It's an eye opener."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"It was an entertaining learning experience."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I learned insight into the do's and don'ts in having a conversation.  The course was humorous yet educational."  COOPER UNION

"I really enjoyed the class.  Highly recommend."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"I loved the presentations of different scenarios."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I improved my skills in starting a conversation with those I'm not familiar with.  I loved the skits played by the facilitator and the actors."  COOPER UNION

"Mr. Grossman was very funny.  The workshop had a relaxed atmosphere.  I learned to listen, rather than digressing in a conversation."  COOPER UNION

"Interesting and informative.  I learned a lot about communication -- He gave good insight to having good conversations ,i. e., what to say, listen and how to respond."  PRIVATE

"Great class!!  Good material and demonstrations, elaborate explanations, comfortable setting."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I improving my risk-taking and that many people need a little push to get the conversation going."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"Very informative and practical."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I liked the demonstrations the best and playing the games.  And after two hours of information, he returned to my specific questions."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"I thought he was very respectful of the students and answered their questions with a sense of empathy."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"Very animated -- interesting examples helpful for various settings."  THE LEARNING ANNEX

"The samples used and material were the best.  He was organized and prepared!"  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I liked the live examples the most.  The actors are great."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Course -- very good overall!  Well taught and well organized and presented."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I liked all aspects of the workshop."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Interactive group activities [were] most useful, and the demonstrational skits [were] fun and entertaining.  I really enjoyed the content and format of the class."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Very enjoyable, well organized, effectively presented."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"Thought the class was great.  The key was the ability of the facilitators to make everyone feel comfortable and have a good time, while practicing risk-taking and improving communication skills."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"Mr. Grossman was very open in sharing his experiences.  The acting helped see the concepts."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"I was very comfortable talking about my insecurities, problems and insecurities."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"It gave me confidence in a non-threatening and entertaining atmosphere."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"The demos in the classroom was an excellent idea; it was one of the reasons why I chose the course."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"All the contents empowered me to live a better life.  It was one of the things I needed for my life.  Thanks!"  BARUCH COLLEGE

"I loved the demonstrations and exercises that helped better understand the concepts."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Thank you very much!  I'm sure I benefited from this course."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"It was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere filled with informative advice on communicating with new people."  HUNTER COLLEGE

"I was fun, glad that I took the course.  Mr. Grossman covered all the material that I was interested in learning.  He made learning fun."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Jason kept me interested by getting us involved in activities and showing us examples.  He was very informative and funny."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"Jason was great!  I would definitely take another course with him."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"The practice between class members on social situations was very good."  BARUCH COLLEGE

"The class gave me a lot of helpful information on how to improv my social life and my networking skills."  BARUCH COLLEGE

Actors who have participated in class demonstrations:

Robert Blatt
Sharon Fogarty
Isser Gallogly
Annette Guarrasi
John Hartmann
David Koenig
James Lancer
Steven Makler
Michelle Newman
Kelly Nichols
Cara Maria O'Shea
Elizabeth Ristich
Felicia Scarangello
Renee Torriere
Susan Woods