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Products Catalog Page

Are you kidding? Products?! What kinds of products would we have? We don't have products. Wait. Here's a pen... Sorry -- it's just that, that's not what we do -- make products. We're a service industry... We apologize for running off the handle. And come to think of it, we do have pens. They just don't have our name on them and you can buy them anywhere. They're Papermate. Medium blue. But if you're free, come down to one of our improv shows, variety showcases or Sharon Fogarty Performance Theatre production. Sometimes we give out prizes.  In any event, we'd love to see you.

One day we might have t-shirts.

Here's where we'd describe the products we're selling, but again, see above:

We decided to include another picture. Here's Renee (she's pretty and very talented) and Jason Hefter (he's an excellent writer and doesn't wear a tie) and the rest of the cast of 'heaven,' Sharon Fogarty's play which was part of the International Fringe Festival in 2000... She's pretty, too.

Renee & Co. in 'heaven'

Ave. J, Canarsie

We ran out of good pictures.

How to Order

In this area we'd show you how to order our products, giving you detailed ordering instructions. And they'd be done good and specific. You know, what size, what color, how many, in California, please apply that extra tax, from Canada, it's a lot more, that kind of thing... Starting to wish we had some products... Do you like candy?