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Intro to Improvisation course



Have you ever wanted to learn the craft of improvisation, currently one of the most popular performance art forms around?  Would you like to know the secrets and tricks of the Improv trade?  Find out in our Introduction to Improvisational Acting course.  The objectives of this course are to discover the fundamentals of improvisational comedy, improve your storytelling skills, learn techniques to think quickly on your feet and to be more creative.  This spirited, fun course is designed for the actor or comedian who wants to learn the essentials of good scenic improvisation or anyone who wants to improve their teamwork or communication skills.  Through coaching, warm-up exercises, creative performance games and basic short-form scene-work, you will learn how to be more spontaneous, trusting and cooperative and how to listen in a fun, creative atmosphere.  This class is open to new and continuing students of all ages and experience.


Perfect!  Very nice development of the exercises over time, from beginner to more challenging.

Course is great, class size small and learning process easier. 

Thanks again for a great course!  I hope I'll get to do more one day--it seems like our class ended when we were only just beginning. 


Who Will Benefit:

Students of varying ages and acting experience could potentially take this introductory course.  Actors and prospective actors alike who are interested in exploring the craft of improvisational acting and comedy would benefit from this stimulating, interactive class.  Actors looking to improve their acting technique would profit greatly from this course as learning the essentials of good scenic improv encourages a more relaxed and focused approach to acting onstage and in potentially nerve-racking auditions.  Lay people who are interested in exploring the performing arts would experience what it's like to perform in front of others.  Also welcome would be individuals who are simply looking to have fun "playing" in scenic games and meeting others in a highly supportive, creative atmosphere.  Even if an individual has no desire to perform in front of an audience, the techniques taught in this introductory improvisation class will lead to more effective communication skills in social and workplace environments and a greater appreciation for being a team player in the home or office.  This class will assist anyone looking to express themselves more creatively and coherently.  The results are always fun, entertaining, invigorating, inspiring and, at times, cathartic.